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  • “Fresh Lawns Mowing Services Pty Ltd” will be referred to as “Fresh Lawns.”
  • The customer or the person booking the service will be referred to as “You” or “Your.”
  • The lawn care service provided by us will be referred to as “Service” or “Booking.”
  • The credit or debit card used for the Service will be referred to as “Card.”
  • The team member(s) who attend the Service will be referred to as “Lawn Care Partner.”
  • “Invoice” refers to the billing statement issued by Fresh Lawns for the Service.
  • “Booking Date” refers to the date on which the Service is scheduled to take place.
  • “Written Notice” refers to the formal communication provided by You to Fresh Lawns via email.


  • A valid Card with sufficient funds must be provided upon placing a Booking unless explicitly agreed otherwise by Fresh Lawns in writing prior to the Service.
  • Fresh Lawns will place an authorisation or “hold” on the Card 24 hours prior to the Booking Date. If the authorisation fails due to insufficient funds, You will be notified, and Fresh Lawns may not proceed with the Service.
  • Payment for the Booking is due immediately upon completion of the Service unless explicitly agreed otherwise by Fresh Lawns in writing prior to the Service.
  • If an Invoice is issued, it must be paid by the due date stipulated on the Invoice.

Cancellation and Rescheduling

  • Notice for cancellation or rescheduling must be given by 5pm the day prior to the Service, either by phone or email. Failure to do so will result in a cancellation fee of 50% of the Service amount.

Service Guarantee and Damage

  • While every effort is made to attend on the Booking Date, Fresh Lawns does not guarantee attendance due to unforeseen circumstances like weather, traffic, or operational reasons.
  • If You are unsatisfied with the Service, Written Notice must be provided to Fresh Lawns within 48 hours of completion. This notice must detail the issue and include photos if applicable. If Fresh Lawns agrees with the complaint, the issue will be rectified by having the Lawn Care Partner re-attend. Refunds are not generally provided for unsatisfactory Services.
  • If damage is caused by a Lawn Care Partner, Written Notice must be provided within 72 hours of completion, detailing the issue and including photos. If Fresh Lawns agrees that the Lawn Care Partner is at fault, Fresh Lawns will arrange for the Lawn Care Partner to cover the cost of necessary repairs.
  • To prevent injury to You or the Lawn Care Partner, You must not approach any Lawn Care Partner while their equipment is in operation.


  • These Terms of Service are accessible on our website at all times. Changes to these terms will not be explicitly communicated to You.
  • These terms apply to individual Bookings. If You disagree with the terms, You may cancel the Booking according to the cancellation policy outlined above.