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Partnering With Fresh Lawns

What can Fresh Lawns offer me?

Fresh Lawns is an innovative company looking to help small lawn mowing businesses in the South East Queensland area get more work. We do the hard work of marketing for new customers, chasing payments and answering calls, and let you focus on simply doing what you do best – making Queensland’s lawns beautiful.

More Work

We can provide an easy way to get more work without any extra cost. It does not cost anything to join Fresh Lawns. As long as you are reliable and good at what you do, we'd love to help you out.

Enticing Rates

We have fair flat rate payments for each different sized job. Payments for bigger jobs are higher, and we even pay you extra for things like taking away green waste.


Just let us know when and where you're available and we'll only assign you jobs on those days and locations. Change your preferences at any time!

How Does It Work?

That's It !

No struggling to find customers, no billing headaches. We take the painful paperwork away and leave you to do what you do best – making lawns beautiful.

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What do I need?


Your own working equipment (lawn mower, whipper snipper, leaf blower and other basic tools)


At least one year of experience in lawn care


Transport to get yourself and your equipment around (you may also need to transport green waste so a place to store it is a must)


The ability to do basic garden work (mowing, edge trimming, leaf blowing etc.)


Possession of a current ABN


Hold at least 5 million in public liability insurance

Frequently asked questions

Fresh Lawns assigns bookings to you usually with a few days notice so that you can schedule them in around your current customers. We generally do not have specific times for bookings, rather we let customers know we will be there on a certain day. This way you can fit them in around your existing bookings.

There is no cost involved in being a Fresh Lawns partner. We just need reliable lawn professionals to perform quality work on behalf of Fresh Lawns.

We promise our customers that if anything were to go wrong during a booking, they are fully covered for any damage. Requiring lawn professionals to hold insurance allows us to offer this risk free. Please note that we recommend holding public liability insurance even if you are not working with us, as lawn work can cause serious damage in some situations.

This depends on a huge variety of factors including how big your coverage area is, how many customers are in your area, how many other lawn professionals share your area, the season and weather, and even just how many customers book with us during that particular week.

If you are in a tiny, out of the way area we might only be able to give you 1-2 booking per week, however if you have large coverage in a major area, you could receive up to 20 bookings or more from us per week. In saying that, we will not give you more bookings than you can comfortably handle.

Get in touch for current pay rates here.

Invoices are paid weekly on Tuesday.

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How do I sign up?

To apply to be a partner, we’ll get you to fill in a quick form. We just need to know a little bit about your business to make sure we’ll work well together. Click the box below for the appropriate form for your area.