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Lawn Mowing Services

Welcome to spring! The weather has been getting warmer, and here at Fresh Lawns we’ve been gearing up to keep your lawn looking amazing over the coming months.

An important part of the transition from winter to spring is the need to fertilise your lawn. Your grass goes into hibernation during the winter which is the reason it grows so little, and a kick start is often necessary to give it the best chance of remaining strong and healthy, and looking beautiful for the warmer seasons ahead.

Why should I fertilise my lawn?

Lawn fertiliser has a huge variety of benefits, including:

  • Giving the grass a greener, healthier and more luscious look and feel
  • Reducing growth of broadleaf weeds
  • Improving disease resistance
  • Increasing micronutrient availability to the soil, leading to stronger and healthier growth
  • Promoting soil aeration and water penetration, which reduces runoff and provides more water to the root where it is needed

Beror & After Lawn Mowing
Example of the effects of lawn fertilisation

Is fertiliser safe for use around pets and animals?

Traditional fertilisers commonly known as “weed and feed” tend to use harsh chemicals, which is not ideal for the environment, nor using around vulnerable pets and children who might not know to stay away from them after use.

We are using a newer, organic based product using safe, all natural ingredients such as fish liquid concentrate, seaweed and liquid iron. This has been tested and proven to work just as well as traditional fertilisers, without the need to keep pets and children away after using as there are no dangerous ingredients.

Lawn Ming Services
Example of the effects of lawn fertilisation

Can you help get my lawn looking great?

Yes! We can come and do a fertilisation treatment on your lawn for an easy flat rate. We’ll even go one better and have a look through your gardens as well, treating any weeds we find in there before they have a chance to spread and become a menace.

Need more of a reason to have your lawn treated? To help get your lawn ready for summer, we’re offering 20% off fertilisation treatments for the month of September. No extra codes or action necessary.

Lawn Mowing Packages

To book in your service, simply head over to the booking page and select the lawn fertilisation option in the extras section.

P.S. Need a last minute present for Father’s Day? Give the gift of leisure! We offer gift certificates which are able to be used for all of our services. Click the gift card below for more information.

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