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Trim Before Mowing

Your lawn is constantly growing, and as each blade of grass expands and with every weed that pops up and blooms, the time and work it takes to trim, cut, and care for that lawn increases. Let’s take a look at what happens through the weeks from the moment your lawn is cut and how it affects the time and effort needed to get your lawn back into shape.

One Week after Mowing

Green Grass

A fresh cut lawn is such a sight. The sheaths and small blades are cut no more than 50 mm (or even shorter in some varieties of grass) in height with a clean and uniform look. A healthy fresh cut lawn may also have a 10-15 mm thatch layer at the base and a very thin layer of dry and freshly cut micro-cuttings returning water and easily degradable and nutrient rich materials to your lawn.

After 3 Weeks of Growth

Over 3 Weeks

At three weeks after mowing, your lawn will have recovered. It enters a transition period where the turf canopy, or the top most blades, have begun to elongate and widen. The crown, or the base thickens and will become fibrous. Cutting past this point adds more time and cost to your lawn mowing service because of the growth in the top layer of your turf. As the base is thicker, this means there is more grass and more frequent emptying of the catcher required. Techniques such as double cutting the lawn to achieve a clean and tidy look may be applied depending on the amount of growth your lawn has experienced.

After 6 Weeks of Growth

Trim Before Mowing

At six weeks, your lawn is overgrown. The blades are long and wide and the base is now thick and well established. Some lawns may even have grass that goes up to the knee or higher. Lawn care measures will include cutting the top layer of the overgrown turf with a whipper snipper then mowing the lawn when it’s at a manageable height. This process is time consuming for the mower and stressful to the turf as well.

We advise mowing well before your lawn reaches 6 weeks or having it taken cared for as soon as possible. Maintaining your lawn at a manageable height and having it mowed at the right frequency is something your lawn professional can advise you on depending on the season, the type of turf grass you’re growing, and the overall health of your lawn.

How We Handle Overgrown Lawns

You find yourself in a pinch, your lawn is overgrown and it is continually growing as the days go by. Your schedule has kept you from making that booking and now you’ve called us to come in and save the day. Hurray! You’ve made the right decision—let us walk you through what happens through that process.

Steps for Bookking

Prior to the Booking

  1. Prior to finalising your booking, we review your property’s lawn size using the address you’ve provided us with and measure the serviceable lawn area through satellite images, listing details, or through a site visit. After we verify the lawn size, we will then send you an initial estimate for the lawn care service of your property. This estimate gives you an idea of how long a lawn professional will be working on your lawn based on our past experiences with lawns of similar sizes.
  2. Once you are happy with the estimate and give us the go ahead, we will find a suitable time and get you booked in for the estimated duration.
  3. When you book a lawn care service for an overgrown lawn, we also ask you for photos prior to your booking. These photos allow us to see if there is anything out of the ordinary that may require extra time or create issues. This will also help you show us problem areas with weeds that may have grown alongside an unkempt and overgrown lawn.
  4. On the day before your booking, we will place an authorisation on your card for the amount in your lawn care estimate to make sure that the card is working and that funds are available for the service.

On the Day of your Booking

  1. Your lawn professional’s routes and schedules aren’t finalised until the day before so estimating an arrival window varies from every booking. However, you can expect your lawn professional to come to your property anywhere between our service hours of 7 am to 5 pm.
  2. Our lawn professionals come in pairs or as individuals depending on the size and amount of growth on your lawn. When they do come in pairs, it’s important to note that while the time frame estimate may be halved, the total labour hours will remain the same. If your lawn professional realises that significant additional time will be required, we will get in touch to let you know and have a chat about what needs to be done.
  3. Your lawn professionals will proceed with your booking to meticulously reduce the lawn growth prior to mowing it down for a clean and finished look. If your booking includes green waste take away (highly recommended), your lawn professionals will also remove the cuttings from the overgrown lawn which leaves nothing but a lawn you’ll be proud of.

After your Booking is Finished

  1. After the service is finished, a lawn care summary with the actual amount of labour hours and green waste takeaway (if added to the service) will be sent for your review and we will debit your card for that amount.
  2. We will get in touch to let you know about any recommendations for your lawn going forward. Setting up a recurring service will help take lawn care out of your monthly tasks and you’ll enjoy discounts for a frequent subscription.
  3. You may also be prompted to leave an honest and helpful feedback for your booking to help others looking for a quick and reliable lawn service decide if our service is the perfect fit for their needs. We’re a small and growing business and an excellent customer experience is one the things we strongly aim to provide to South East Queensland!